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330ml Cans – Released

The time has come to say goodbye to the 330ml bottle range and hello to the 330ml can range. Having made the decision a few months back to move in to cans we are delighted to be able to launch them before our busy summer ahead.

Many people have asked us why we moved from bottles to cans and there are several good reasons for doing so.

  • The first is that it is better for our beer. The dark can means no light strike and therefore it means we can produce a great tasting quality product.
  • Secondly it is a great product to be able to take away with you camping, tramping or just round to a mates place. They are easily squashed and then easily recycled. Lighter and less bulky than a glass bottle we felt this was the right product for our customers. Living and woking in the Tasman region we had many requests over several years from local tourism business and visitors a like asking for this type of product to take away with them.
  • Thirdly they are easier to recycle for bars and restaurants
  • and finally as mentioned above this region sees a lot of visitors wanting to trial the beers without having to buy large amounts. This means we can offer our customers an opportunity to buy single cans and mixed 6packs to take away with them.

We think they look fresh and inviting and the beer is tasting great.

Don’t forget all website pricing includes the cost of freight. So there are no hidden extras.