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It's not long until it's time for us to send out our next Hop Hub delivery - and this one is a special one, an IPA special. We don't want anyone to miss out on this one, so we sat down and racked our brains and came up with a few questions you might have about the Hop Hub. Just read on....and then feel free to comment below with anything we might have missed.

Do you get to choose which beers you receive each quarter?

Well, that all depends on which Hop Hub package you choose, bronze, silver or gold. The bronze Hop Hub package comes with four 1.3l riggers of Hop Federation beer that we decide for you - they're always freshly poured, always tasty - and will always include two of our seasonal beers. If you'd like to treat yourself and add a level of personalisation to your beers then upgrade to our silver and gold packages - you can choose either 2 or 4 additional beers to add to your standard 4 beers.

How long will the riggers last if unopened?

Our riggers are filled directly from the brewery and so that they will last up to 3 months unopened. They can certainly last longer but our recommendation is to drink them within three months of receiving them. All our riggers for the Hop Hub are filled to order. That means that they will have only been filled 1-2 days before being sent out. This way you are tasting our freshest beer direct from our brewery - to your doorstep!

If I were to join today, how long would it take for the first batch to arrive?

Our Hop Hub subscriptions are posted out quarterly with the next pack due to be sent out the first week of October. This  will be followed up with our summer pack that will be sent out in the first week in January. We will always contact our members the week before sending the packs out to make sure that they will be home to collect them. We take payment for your Hop Hub package the week before they are dispatched.

Is there any minimum term? Do I have to sign up for a minimum number of deliveries?

There is no minimum term to your Hop Hub membership. You can just log back in to your hop hub account via our home page any time and cancel your subscription. There are no minimum term requirements.

So those are the most common questions we get about our beer club - but as we said above, if you have any other questions, post them below and we'll add the answer to this blog post!

If we HAVE answered all your burning questions, then head to the Hop Hub - and join the best club in beer!


The Hop Federation team


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Posted 23 September 2017 at 09:03 by Chris Mckay

Do you deliver to Melbourne, Australia?

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