Our Beers

A lively, harmonious, quartet of ales formed the foundation of our original core range. Over the past three years we have rounded this out with an additional five brews to create a regular range of nine beers. We compliment the range with Simon’s single brews to celebrate the seasons, mark special occasions or just because he wants to!

Using hops mostly grown within 100 kilometres of our brewery and malts from across New Zealand, the combination of local ingredients, traditional methods, artistry and passion delivers beers with style and substance.

In a glass or straight from the bottle, chilled or just as they come, our beers don’t need any special treatment to surprise and delight.


Refreshingly simple, with a gentle bitterness and a clean finish. Simple, refreshing and inviting, with understated hop flavours, it’s sunny style perfectly reflects the origins of its New Zealand-bred hops

Pale Ale

A fresh, crisp, light-coloured ale with a subtle sweetness and distinct hoppy flavour. Tropical aromas carry through to the palate, where they combine with hints of grapefruit and pine, culminating in a clean finish with staying power. 

American Brown Ale

A lighter-style dark beer that greets you with aromas of chocolate and coffee, and follows through with a full malty flavour.  With an edge of dark-cocoa bitterness and a hint of cherries, it reveals a surprising blend of richness, warmth and a light to medium body.


Our signature beer, which has an exuberant blend of colour, flavours and aromas, in a confident mahogany brew. Passion fruit on the nose transitions to an unexpected combination of berries, tart ruby grapefruit and toasty malt, rounded off with a satisfying, sustained finish.

Rakau IPA

Our entry in Nelson’s Marchfest 2014, this varietal IPA features a relatively new local hop, Rakau. Its delicate nose and tropical-fruit flavours combine elegantly with Vienna malts as a base in a refreshing, apricot-coloured beer with a rounded, bittersweet finish.

Double IPA

This is for those hop heads who love a hop forward IPA. A sumptuous Double IPA that’s delightfully aromatic and fruity up-front. Blackcurrant, pine and citrus on the nose gives way to a resinous, grapefruit-tart body with a lingering bitterness. Heavy on the hops, and at 8.5% it packs a punch and delivers on its promise of double deliciousness.


A crisp, refreshing Pilsner that pours a beautiful soft golden colour. The aromas of lychee, citrus and grapefruit are plentiful, thanks to the Riwaka, Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops used in this New Zealand style Pilsner. Perfect for every occasion.  


Sitting on a light malt base, this Xtra Pale Ale has vibrant aromas and flavours of Pineapple, Lemon and Oranges, making it a refreshing well balanced beer.


From the malt to the locally grown New Zealand hops, this 7.5% NZ IPA is Kiwi As! Big piney, resinous notes from the nose right through to the palate and all the way to the clean bitterness. Big, Fresh and Clean!

Coffee Stout

Proudly using local coffee roasters Celcius Coffee

Pouring a rich dark brown with small tan head. With a big coffee aroma, this is a highly drinkable stout that has quite a modest backdrop of chocolate, coffee and roasty notes. You can expect a big body and mouthfeel, strong roast coffee, cocoa and a nice bitter finish.

Black IPA

The aroma of this Black IPA is bursting with smokey malts and indulgent dark chocolate. The velvety smooth taste of liquorice and bitter coffee roll across the tongue, revealing ripe blackberry and passion fruit from the simcoe, cascade and centennial hops.

That Beer

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A crisp, refreshing take on the traditional German Kolsch. I want that beer!

Green Limousine

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The colour is as golden as our kiwi beaches, full of flavours that are reminiscent of our long hot summers (well sometimes anyway), Peaches, nectarines and other stone fruits, chuck in some Mandarins, and grapefruit, and this is a Coromandel Summer in a glass.

West Coast IPA

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An all American Hopped West Coast IPA. A marmalade nose, with a big tart grapefruit palette that sticks around until the very last mouthful. Clean dry finish.

Barrel Aged Stout

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A deep dark black colour with a coffee like head. The nose is fill of chocolate mousse and Tiramisu. On the palette are rich dark chocolate, roasted coffee notes with a tart Pinot Oak finish. At 7% this is a beer to sit back relax and enjoy.

Session IPA

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Light toasty malts, with a bronze hue, a good bitterness and floral earthy hop characters on the palette, topped of with a perfumed nose.

WeeWaka IPA

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Our entry in Nelson’s Marchfest 2015. Pouring a pale gold, this IPA has aromas of Grapefruit and Rockmelon, with a light bitter citrus finish.

Hop A

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Collaboration beer with Epic and Plant and Food research

Hop B

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Collaboration beer with Epic and Plant and Food research


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Refreshingly fruity with a dry quenching acidity on the finish. Light herbal characters on the nose, with citrus and floral notes on the palate.

Berliner Weiss

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With a hint of sourness on the nose this Berliner Weisse has a soft fruity acidity with a touch of tart lemon; a perfect thirst quencher for these hot summer days.


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Brewing a great XPL - or Extra Pale Lager - requires a delicate judgement to make sure that the light malt character is not over-whelmed by hoppiness. With this beer, we believe we have shown just how to get the most out of hoppiness without sacrificing on sessionability.

Wheat Beer

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A biscuit nose with soft bready flavours and light, spicy tartness. This wheat beer has a very refreshing finish at 4.5%

Riwaka's Pilsner

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A crisp, refreshing Pilsner that pours a beautiful soft golden colour. The aromas of lychee, citrus and grapefruit are plentiful, thanks to the Riwaka hops used in this New Zealand style Pilsner. Perfect for every occasion.  


House of Nicholas - Sarah

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A Collaboration between Epic and Hop Federation.

House of Nicholas - Sarah Fresh Hop

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A Collaboration between Epic and Hop Federation, Fresh Hopped with Motueka hops.

Fresh Hop IPA 2017

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A beer hopped with fresh hops directly from the farmer and into our large hop back.

Fresh Hop XPA

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A beer hopped with hops harvested on the same day.


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A Lager version of our Golden Ale

Cedric XPA

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An XPA Called Cedric!